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Magnetic Engine


This project aims to develop a magnetic engine which would be helpful for the production of cheap energy. This is totally new in terms of technology as well as energy generation. Also, this is an innovation which would help in decreasing the global warming. If this is used in place of I.C.Engine, This engine works on the principle of magnetism that like poles repel.This engine is easily portable. The energy can be directly utilized in mechanical form or can be utilized further. For example connecting it with a dynamo and using electricity for home appliances.Main parts used here are rotor,shaft,clamp and magnets. Ball bearing,arms and collars are also used.



Akshay Dharmendrabhai Mahitkar, Mufaddal Yakubbhai Chavda, Dhruv Rajeshbhai Panchal, Aditya Vijaybhai Panchal, Vatsal Vinodbhai Patel, Raja Umeshbhai Patel (Mech-Sem2)

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