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H4H Save Life




In Today's Fast & hard life many people die due to road accident or lack of proper treatment.By seeing this one thought comes to mind;what if we are next?? Help for health is an Emergency Service & Online Medical Document Storage System.


This system provides an unique  number  to every user while registration themselves.Users will provide their personal,medical report,medical profile and emergency doctor can view all the documents of patient and diagnose him faster. this system can save life of many ,which is worth of million rupees. the system is very user friendly because every operation is easy to understand and perform.There's also a live chat option by which user can interact with experts for any help. The website is responsive;if any user doesn't have application

so  they can easily work in website by their mobile or tablet.


Group Member : Thakkar Mehul

Faculty Guide: Prof. Vandana Halani

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