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Student name 

Name of student : Yagneshpatel

Contact no : 7405433202

Institute :  L.J Institute of engineering & technology


There are analog water meters available in the market but the main problem is that the reading has to be taken manually. So we have developed a water meter which gives digital reading from any remote place. For this we have developed a software which can generate reading of innumerable water meters when registered on the software. Communication between water meter & monitor device (head office computer) is done using GSM. Individual users can also check their reading by just giving a miscall to their water meter. The meter then automatically disconnects the call & sends a message containing the amount of water used. The entire meter is developed in such a way that there will be no need of deploying human resource for data collection. Some of the views are shown in the pictures at the end of this report.


Salient features of our water meter are

  • Digital display is provided in the meter which will show per minute flow along with the amount of water used.

  • Prepaid facility is ready in which the meter will dispense water equivalent to the amount of recharge done.

  • Remote control operation from a control room to switch on & off the water flow in meter in case of non-payment of bills in case of postpaid meters. In case of prepaid meters, the water will be cut-off automatically when the recharge gets over.

  • A warning message will be sent to the user when the prepaid balance goes below 20% of the main balance. Another message will be sent at 10% and a final message will be sent when the balance becomes nil.

  • The water meter will work upto a max pressure of 1.75 MPa. This pressure is more than sufficient for operation in any condition.

  • A software will be provided at the server side for monitoring &controlling all the water meter of a city or a state.

  • A battery backup of 6 hours has been provided so that the water meter doesn’t stop in case of a power failure.

  • The LCD (liquid crystal display) will show the battery percentage, amount of water used, amount of balance left & status of valve.

  • The entire communication is based on GSM. The advantages of GSM communication is it’s world wide range.

  • The micro controller is specially designed for this water meter.

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