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Check Dam with Plastic bottle waste 




A Check dam serves one or more of three fuctions,they can control water ,conserve soil ,and strores water on temporary basis.Although these task may appear at first glance to be relatively straight forward,but there are actually a number of fascinating subtleties and that makes them quite  complex. Be they be located in channel bottoms or on gentle hill slopes ,check dams regardless of the materials which they are made ,imede or literally "check" the flow of water .obstacles placed across the direction of flow dissipate the energy of flowing water and once slowed ,flowing water is easily managed or controlled than rapidly flowing water


Now , what we have tried to innovate here is put in plastic bottles in order to  reduce the amount of concrete used in check exactly this helps the project on reality prospects are ,there is "24.46 % of reduction" in the use of concrete .And plastic bottles having  longer life span and again easily available around the world are very subtle to find the interesting  part in this is , these bottles are then filled in with soil in order to increase its compressive strength.


Group member :Dahisaria Suryanshu k

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