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Arduino is a single board microcontroller. Here we used arduino  r3 which is an 8 bit microcontroller. An ultrasonic sensor is mounted on a 180° servo motor on the front part of the robot, a motor drive shied is mounted on the arduino. Two geared dc motors, servo and sensor are connected to the shied. The front wheel is a castor wheel mounted on the front centre of the robot. When power supply is given to the robot the robot moves forward. When there is any kind of an obstacle within 10-20 cms the ultrasonic sensor senses it and stops the power to the geared dc, now the sensor rotates left and right. The path where the calculated space is more, the robot turns that way avoiding the obstacle and making its own new path.

(Mechanical Engineering Sem-4: Akshay Mahitkar, Mufaddal Chawda, Aditya Panchal, Dhruv Panchal, Vishal Dodiya, Steny Macwan)

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