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(a) The Voting Application



This application is used in taking all the survey, for any of the project and any person can take it. This application is easy to use and the easiness of the software make it very efficient to understand, this application is used for the voting of all the project’s you can see here in this exhibition, your one like can make a student win this competition. Basically this application work’s as the viewer will observe all the projects and last come to the poll and like the application the maximum like the project or the poster get’s that wins.The application is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the framework 4.0 the connectivity has been done in Microsoft  SQL Management Studio 2008 R2.


(b) Online  Exam  Application


Online exam application has been made using visual studio framework 3.5, and the use of this application is very easy to use for the people as well as student.The application is made in visual studio 2008 and the framework is 3.5, the database connectivity has been added to SQL management studio R2 2008. 


Maharshi Mehta, Khushil Vyas, Dhruvin Maniar,

Paras Aal, Gopesh Patel, Keyur Macwan


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